Eggs & Ethics

Eggs & Ethics is a breakfast meeting program designed to build dialogue and good will in the community.

Schedule an Eggs & Ethics program for your organization (business, professional organization, non-profit, church communities, and/or your weekly friends).

The program forum provides a good opportunity to discuss business ethics as it relates to your organization and faith tradition. Best of all, our interactive polling software allows you to “eat while you speak” and participate without having to say a word.

It’s fun, engaging, and best of all, you will leave with deeper insights on the topic at hand.  

We Provide:
  • Audience Response Technology
  • PowerPoint projector (if necessary)
  • Laptop to run PowerPoint
  • Operator of PowerPoint presentation to help with Response Devices
  • Toolkit for the discussion

What You Provide:
  • A place to hold the discussion
  • Breakfast (we are partnered with a local restaurant that offers a great discount)
  • Good Will

Are Ethics on your menu?