EthicsPoll™ Survey

The diagram on the right represents the components of the EthicsPoll™ Survey. These components target various dimensions of the organization's ethical climate. We recommend that organizations start with the Core Survey, which is designed to reveal overall goodness gaps within the organization.

Click here to view the EthicsPoll™ Instruction Guide. This document is password-protected. To view this document, contact an EthicsPoll™ representative at [email protected].

Core Survey

The Core Survey assesses your organization based on six Ethical Attributes, plus organization-specific questions and job satisfaction. These Ethical Attribute scores determine your organization's Ethics Index Score and reveal areas for further investigation. This survey includes a detailed report and data, plus recommendations.

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Extended Survey

The Extended Survey analyzes a selected cross section of your organization. Building upon the Core Survey, the Extended Survey features questions of greater depth, with increased survey controls such as repetition and distortion for greater response validity. This survey also includes an extended demographic inventory to provide insight into the ways employees' backgrounds influence their ethical choices. The Extended Survey also reveals the organization's Moral Maturity score, or the measure of employees' capacity to exercise free will and make moral judgments.