Ethics Fundamentals

The Essence of Trust™

Trust is vital to the effective functioning of any organization. This program explores the primary factors that drive trust between individuals, as explained by our four-part trust model. Participants will learn to build and sustain productive, trustworthy professional relationships.

Sound Business Priorities

Priorities are the driving force behind ethics. For every decision, we make the judgement that the chosen action is more important—that is, a higher priority—than the alternatives not chosen. Ethics, therefore, involves learning to evaluate and choose priorities that contribute to the organization's long-term success. This program teaches participants a practical framework for recognizing, practicing and keeping sound priorities.

Ethical Leadership Workshop

The most important factor in determining the robustness of an organization's ethical climate is the character and effectiveness of its leaders. This program examines what it means to be an ethical leader, providing insight into the key social dynamics that leaders can employ to enhance their ability to cultivate and promote a healthy ethical culture in their organizations.

Ethical Decision-Making Fundamentals

This engaging workshop uses thought-provoking scenarios to guide participants in discovering and discussing the fundamental principles of moral accountability.

Building and Sustaining Strong Ethical Cultures

This program discusses to the forces that drive individual and group behavior within organizations, and teaches practical methods for shaping these forces to build and sustain a strong ethical climate. Participants will examine the interlocking relationships between an organization's purpose, structure, systems, leadership, employee attributes and social dynamics, and learn to balance these dimensions for the organization's benefit. Methodologies for measuring and driving ethical behavior are also introduced.